Rabbi Dr Effie Kleinberg

Rabbi Dr Effie Kleinberg

Director of Educational Innovation

Rabbi Dr. Effie Kleinberg serves as one of the senior educators and program directors in the Jewish Futures family of organizations including Forum for Jewish Leadership and the Netzach Leadership Institute focused on developing the next generation of future Jewish leaders around the globe. Rabbi Kleinberg holds semicha and a Doctorate from Yeshiva University and worked as a Jewish educator in North America before making aliyah. He currently resides with his wife and four children in Ra’anana, Israel.

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the future

Rabbi Naftali Schiff has always been seized with this idea that I see as fundamental: that the impact we have through our programmes should not be transactional, but transformational. It shouldn’t be aimed at keeping the train on the track, it should be aimed at changing young people’s lives. Because that is how you really make a difference to the Jewish future.

Rabbi Lord Sacks zt"l